Comfortable Tooth Extractions in Northborough

It can be disturbing to find out that, for whatever reason, you need to have a tooth extracted. You may worry about the procedure, but you also have to think about a gap in your smile, how it will impact your self-confidence, and what your options are for replacement.

woman looking outside a window in northboroughAt Northborough Family Dental, we understand all these concerns. You may think that a tooth extraction is an intense procedure, but our updated technology and the gentle support of a caring team really do make complicated extractions a thing of the past. 

Why We Might Recommend Extraction

We work to keep all your teeth healthy and intact for as long as possible. But sometimes certain circumstances make extraction the most appropriate solution:

  • Severe root canal infection has compromised a tooth to the point where it needs to be removed to protect your oral health.
  • Advanced gum disease threatens supporting bone and tissue of your teeth.
  • You are having denture therapy, and a tooth needs to be removed for the best outcome.
  • You are preparing for orthodontic treatment for optimal movement of teeth.

What Happens During an Extraction

woman getting dental treatment in northboroughOur first step is to make sure you are settled and comfortable before we begin. Some patients need a little extra help to relax, so Dr. Moheban will be happy to talk to you about the option of oral sedation. He will prescribe a mild sedative for you to take about an hour before you arrive for your procedure so you can arrive feeling calm and at ease.

When we know you are comfortable, the next step is to numb the tooth completely so you won’t feel anything. A topical numbing gel is applied to your gums, followed by a gentle injection of local anesthetic. It’s important that we know you are comfortable, so we won’t begin the procedure unless we know that you won’t feel any discomfort while Dr. Moheban gently removes the tooth.

Post-Extraction Aftercare

The first 24 hours after your procedure are critical for proper healing, so you will want to take it easy for the rest of the day after your appointment.

Our team will provide you with detailed after-care instructions before you leave us, but we typically recommend following these steps to promote optimal healing: 

  • Bite down on the gauze pad provided for about an hour after your procedure. 
  • Minimize swelling by keeping your head elevated and placing a cold compress on and off your cheek for 20 minutes intervals.
  • Plan on a diet of soft foods like soup and yogurt to avoid disturbing the extraction site.
  • Do not rinse, spit, smoke, or use a straw during the first 24 hours because the sucking motion can dislodge the healing clot that is forming.
  • After the first 24 hours (or as directed), you can rinse with salt water to keep the area clean and promote healing.

Please Call Our Northborough Office if You Are Concerned

If you are in pain or suspect that a severely damaged tooth needs to be removed, please call our Northborough, MA dental office. We will make arrangements to see you as quickly as possible so you can get the immediate help you need.