Northborough Emergency Dentists

You have a busy life, and the last thing you need is to deal with a dental emergency that slows you down.

Of course, the problem is that, by nature, emergencies are unexpected. man holding jaw from pain during dental emergency in northboroughBut when you wake up with a throbbing toothache, your priority for the day shifts and your only concern is how and where you can get prompt treatment.

At Northborough Family Dental, we understand how a toothache or lost crown can turn your life upside down. That is why we make your emergency a priority so you can get the relief you need as quickly as possible.

It can be a challenge to think clearly in the middle of a crisis; in most cases, however, the way you handle things before you see us has a significant impact on the outcome. Before your next emergency, here are a few things you should keep in mind.

What’s Your Dental Emergency?

We always leave room in our schedule for patients who need to see us right away. But not all emergencies are created equally, and some demand immediate attention while others can wait until a more convenient time.

Note: If your emergency involves injury to your face or jaw, you experience excessive bleeding, or you have lost consciousness, please call 911 or have someone take you to the nearest emergency room as quickly as possible.

Dental Emergencies Requiring Immediate Attention

illustrated tooth with emergency first aid kitKnocked-Out (Avulsed) Tooth

This is the most critical dental emergency because there is a very small window of time in which the tooth can be reinserted back in the socket successfully.

First, call us or have a friend call us to let us know what’s happening. Handle the tooth by the crown only and be careful not to touch or disturb the root or any attached tissue. Keeping the root moist is essential, so place the tooth in a container of water, milk, or even saliva if necessary. Get to our office as quickly and safely as possible.

Intense Dental Pain

Dental pain of any kind is not normal, and intense pain is often a sign that a problem has reached a critical stage.

If your pain is so severe that you cannot function, which is sometimes the case with an infected root canal, please call us and we will arrange to see you right away to provide relief. 

Dental Emergencies to Treat as Soon as Possible

Lost Crown or Filling

Losing a crown or filling can be disruptive and should be addressed as quickly as possible to protect the tooth and prevent further damage. But if you are not in discomfort, you may not need to drop everything to see us. We can often re-cement a crown back on the tooth, so keep it in a safe place until you can get in to see us. A lost filling will need to be replaced.

Mild Toothache

Any tooth pain is an indication that something is wrong, so call us even if you are only feeling a twinge or the beginnings of a slight toothache. We will make arrangements to get you on our schedule as soon as possible, usually the same day. Until then, you can try to relieve your discomfort with ibuprofen or a cold compress on and off your face for 20-minute intervals. 

When in Doubt, Please Call Our Northborough Dental Office

This is useful information to remember, but we don’t want you to spend a moment longer than necessary deciding whether or not your problem constitutes an emergency. Always call us first; we will listen to your concern and tell you how you can help yourself until you can see us. We proudly serve Northborough and the nearby communities of Shrewsbury, Westborough, Marlborough, Southborough, Framingham, Berlin, Grafton.

If it is after hours, please call our office at (508) 393-2522 for emergency contact instructions.