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In our experience, the healthiest patients are those who understand what is happening with their oral health and why treatment is necessary. At Northborough Family Dental, we empower you to make confident decisions about your oral health with personalized consultations and patient education. We welcome your questions because they help us understand what is important to you and how we can help. 

We have shared a few of the questions that we hear most frequently from our patients. You may not see yours answered here, but we are always more than happy to help you find the information you are looking for. Please call our office at (508) 393-2522 or send us an email using our convenient online contact form.


dental floss and tooth brushIt’s great that you are brushing conscientiously, but brushing twice a day alone is not enough to prevent cavities. The bristles of a toothbrush can remove a lot of the plaque from the surface of your teeth, but they can’t get between your teeth to clean properly. Unfortunately, this is the area that many people neglect during their daily oral hygiene routine.

Proper Dental Flossing

Flossing once a day must be a part of your oral hygiene routine if you want a healthy smile. When you floss properly, you are removing the plaque and food particles that accumulate between teeth and cause decay if they are allowed to remain on the teeth.

The best way to know that you are brushing and flossing adequately is to ask your dental hygienist at your next dental cleaning. They can tell you what problem areas you need to improve and demonstrate proper techniques. Flossing isn’t complicated, but there are certain things to be aware of, and you need to be thorough or you may be wasting your effort.

Importance of Oral Hygiene

Immediately after a dental cleaning is a great time to get your oral hygiene routine on track. You are starting with a “clean slate,” and you will be able to see how much healthier your mouth is at your next six-month checkup! But even if you are currently between checkups, there's never a "wrong" time to get serious about your oral hygiene!

Contact Our Northborough Dental Clinic

If it’s time for your cleaning or you have hygiene questions, please don’t hesitate to call us to arrange a convenient appointment.

Absolutely! We have installed many upgrades to the building to make it safe for you, and the employees of the office. We have installed multiple air and ultraviolet purifiers in the office, in addition to our already top-notch infection control practices. Please contact our Northborough dental office to learn more about the steps we are taking to keep our staff and patients safe.

We are tentatively planning on seeing patients for cleaning visits when Massachusetts Reopening Phase 2 begins on June 8.  This date is subject to change, so stay tuned for updates!

dental paperworkAt Northborough Family Dental, our goal is to provide high-quality dental care to all patients, regardless of age or income. We never want you to be in a position where you have to choose between your budget and the cost of dental treatment.

Dental Savings Plan Available

We offer a Dental Savings Plan that includes two free cleanings and exams during the year along with any x-rays needed to complete your exam. The plan also provides a 15% discount on general and major dental procedures and fluoride treatments for children. Join our Dental Savings Plan by paying a one-time annual fee, and you can enjoy the benefits of high-quality dentistry at a discounted cost for you and your family.

CareCredit Financing

We are also pleased to accept interest-free CareCredit financing, which works like a credit card for your healthcare needs. You choose a manageable monthly payment and a payback period that fits your needs. Pay off the balance in the agreed period, and you will not be charged any interest. Applying is easy and usually takes only minutes at our office or online at

Call Our Northborough Dental Clinic

If you face an unexpected dental expense, we are pleased to offer an in-house financing plan of up to three months interest-free. Please speak to a member of our front office team if you are interested in this option. 

Clear Orthodontic Aligners

Clear aligners are the modern alternative to braces.

It's true! In many cases, patients who require braces can consider clear aligners as an alternative.

Here are a few things that dental aligners offer that braces do not.

  • You can straighten your teeth without the metal and wire look of braces.
  • You can clean your mouth and aligner easier because the system is removable. 
  • Aligners can be removed for eating, which means no dietary restrictions.

woman holding clear aligners How do aligners work?

After your comprehensive oral check-up to ensure that you are a good candidate for clear aligners, your Northborough dentist will use 3-D imaging technology to measure the exact dimensions of your teeth.

This allows us to create a custom aligner that is nearly invisible when worn.

You will wear the aligner for around twenty-two hours a day. Each successive set of aligners will push your teeth slowly into place. Throughout the treatment, you will visit the dentist to monitor the progress of your treatment. 

Contact Your Northborough, MA Clear Aligner Dentist

If you are looking at the best options for straightening your teeth, contact your local Northborough dentist to learn more about what options there are to help you reach your goals.

CEREC Same-Day Crowns & Bridges

woman smilingAdvances in dental technology are occurring at a rapid pace, and CEREC crown technology is one of the most impressive.

CEREC Process in Northborough

CEREC stands for Ceramic REConstruction and streamlines the process of having a dental crown placed. Instead of a crown that must be fabricated by an off-site lab and takes weeks to produce, CEREC crowns are designed and created right here in our Northborough dental office.

Advantages of CEREC Crowns

Not only are CEREC crowns efficient, but there are also advantages that make the process more comfortable for you. If you have had a crown placed in the past, you may remember sitting with a big metal tray filled with messy impression paste in your mouth while you wait for the material to set. The CEREC process does away with this step because we take digital impressions that are far more accurate and easy to produce.

Also, since your crowns are produced during one visit, you don’t have to deal with multiple injections or the uncomfortable process of having a temporary crown placed and then removed during the next visit.

Contact Our Northborough Dental Clinic

CEREC technology is relatively new to most people, and we understand you may have other questions. If you would like to see if our same-visit crowns are the right choice for you, please call Northborough Family Dental, and we will be happy to arrange a consultation at your convenience.

Your dentist considers you for a CEREC crown in Northborough if your tooth is weak and vulnerable to fractures. In many cases, this fragility is due to deep decay, trauma, or following root canal therapy.

A tooth crown is a tooth-shaped cap that protects a damaged tooth, and it can also conceal tooth flaws that may detract from your smile aesthetic.

Crown Process at Northborough Family Dental

The process starts with digital impressions, which means you’ll not have to endure goopy impression materials. We then send these impressions to our on-site milling machine, where your crown is fabricated. Each CEREC one-visit crown takes approximately 15 minutes to mill in our state-of-the-art milling machine. Finally, your dentist provides final adjustments and ensures that the color of your crown matches your smile.

Most patients do not report any discomfort following a CEREC same-day crown placement, but every case is different, and some patients can experience minor discomfort that subsides after a couple of days.

For Dental Crowns in Northborough, Contact Us

We provide quality, lasting dental crowns in our dental office. If you have a flawed or fractured tooth, we encourage you to reach out to a member of our team today. A dental crown can save your tooth from below the gumline breakage and the need for extraction.

Dental Implants

man smilingTooth replacement is yet another area of dentistry that has seen some impressive advances, and one of the most notable advances is dental implants.

Dental implants may seem new, but they have been in use for over 40 years. One reason they are considered the tooth replacement method of choice is that in that time they have had a 95% success rate.

Missing Tooth Replacement

Implants are the only tooth replacement that mimics the look, structure, and function of a natural tooth. The key to an implant’s success is the titanium replacement root that is left in your jaw and allowed to heal. This part of the procedure is performed here in our Northborough dental office using state-of-the-art technology to ensure optimal placement. After a period of healing, we attach a restoration like a crown, bridge, or denture to allow you eat, speak, and smile confidently again.

Modern Dental Implants in Northborough

We have also seen a vast improvement in the materials used for dentures. If you decide they are a better choice for you, we can customize your dentures down to the smallest detail, including their shape, color, and the positioning of the artificial teeth. The base of your dentures is designed to conform perfectly to your jaw for a snug fit, so you don’t have to worry about embarrassing accidents.

Contact Our Dental Clinic

If you are seeking tooth replacement but aren’t sure how to proceed, please call Northborough Family Dental. We will be happy to arrange a consultation with Dr. Moheban so he can present your options and help you make a decision that best fits all your needs. 

man smilingWe pride ourselves on utilizing modern technology to help make the dental implant process less invasive. By having a 3D scan of your jaw before the surgery, your implant is placed faster and more precisely, resulting in less pain afterward.

How long does the dental implant surgery take?

From start to finish, our implant surgeries take approximately 30 minutes.

My dentist quoted me $6000 for an implant. How are your fees so much lower?

Since we are a fully digital dental practice, we are able to reduce our costs by manufacturing many pieces of the implant in our facility.  This allows us to pass the savings on to the patient, without lowering quality.

Contact Our Northborough MA Dental Office

Are you interested in taking the next step to replace your missing teeth? Please contact Northborough Family Dental to learn more about dental implants.


Cosmetic Dentistry

group of friends taking a picture on cell phonePatients today who are looking for cosmetic dental solutions have more options than ever for improving the appearance of their smile. By using state-of-the-art dental materials and updated techniques, virtually every service we offer is designed to enhance your smile.

If you are bothered by old fillings or chipped and broken teeth, we offer conservative repairs with tooth-colored composite materials. We can replace a discolored filling for a seamless restoration, and the same material can also be used to fix chips, close uneven gaps and spaces, or alter the shape and size of a tooth to improve its appearance.

Porcelain Veneers in Northborough

Porcelain veneers are an excellent option if you are interested in a more dramatic smile makeover. At Northborough Family Dental, we use veneers to conceal cracked or stained teeth, change the shape of your teeth for a more harmonious smile line, hide gaps and spaces and improve the appearance of slightly crooked or misaligned teeth.

Teeth Whitening in 01532

Teeth whitening is by far the most popular cosmetic treatment because it is easy, affordable, and produces dramatic results in a short amount of time.

We also offer restorative dentistry that includes esthetic crowns, bridges, dental implants, and full and partial dentures that protect your oral health, restore function, and enhance your smile.

Contact Our Northborough Dental Clinic

If you have cosmetic concerns and would like to learn more about our options, please call our Northborough dental office so we can arrange a convenient consultation.

Digital X-Rays

At Northborough Family Dentistry, we believe that preventative maintenance is the name of the game. Catching problems early prevents them from getting worse and causing additional damage. This approach saves you time and money in the future.

As part of prevention, we recommend x-rays for our clients. They can help us identify problems in the teeth, under the gums, and in the jawbone that might be invisible to the eye. 

Generally, patients only need an x-ray periodically to monitor mouth health, but patients with specific issues, like periodontal disease or undiagnosed pain, should be getting them more frequently.

Are Dental X-Rays in Northborough Safe?

Yes, the level of radiation that comes from film x-rays is deemed safe. However, at Northborough Family Dental, we use digital x-rays, which produce significantly less radiation than film x-rays, further reducing patient exposure.

Up to Date on Your X-Rays?

Keeping up on routine dental visits for cleanings and preventive care like x-rays is critical to helping maintain the health of your teeth.

So if you need x-rays for an undiagnosed issue or are looking to be up to date on your checkups in the Northborough and Shrewsberry areas of MA, don't hesitate to contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Emergency Dentistry

woman holding jaw during dental emergencyWhen you have a dental emergency, the last thing you need is to wonder how and where you are going to get the relief you need.

At Northborough Family Dental, we always leave enough time in our schedule to see patients of record on an emergency basis. If you have a sports injury or a tooth is knocked out in an accident, time is of the essence because we have only hours to try to replace the tooth successfully.

Emergency Dental Care in Northborough

Severe pain is another emergency where you need relief and you need it now. We will do everything possible to see you the same day because any pain is not normal, and severe pain is a sign that something serious is happening with your teeth.

Missing Dental Crown

If you have a lost crown or filling, we may not need to see you the same day. But we still need to address the problem promptly to protect your tooth from further damage. We can usually re-cement a crown back in place, but a lost filling will need to be replaced.

Call Our Northborough Dental Clinic

If you are having a dental emergency, please don’t hesitate to call us at (508) 393-2522, and a knowledgeable member of our team will be happy to assist you.

Pediatric Dentistry

We understand that your child’s first visit to the dentist can have a lasting impact. For this reason, we work to make their early appointments memorable, fun, and even educational.

Your child’s dentist in Northborough, MA has a way with children, and our youngest patients enjoy coming to the dentist and interacting with our team.

young boy brushing teethWhen Should a Child First Visit the Dentist?

We recommend bringing your child to the dentist around the time of the first tooth eruptions—typically around the first birthday. This allows our pediatric dentist to evaluate the way teeth are coming in and how they are erupting in relation to the shape of their developing jaw.

These first children’s dentistry visits are fun for your child, gentle, and a way to introduce him or her to the dental environment.

What to Expect from the First Visit?

Your child’s dentist provides a comprehensive checkup, which does not feel like an examination. Instead, your child will think of it as counting teeth and having a look. Following this examination, the dentist will talk to you about all findings, share tips, and take time to answer any questions that you may have.

For Pediatric Dentistry in Northborough, MA, Reach Out to a Team Member Today

We love welcoming new patients and families into our dental office, and we look forward to meeting your child soon!

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