Gentle Pediatric Dentistry in Northborough

group of young kids in northboroughWe believe that every child deserves to enjoy the benefits of a healthy, problem-free smile!

Northborough family dentist Dr. Alex Moheban and our caring team have decades of experience in responding to the needs of our youngest patients. Every child is unique, so there is no single approach that works best for all kids. That is why we communicate with your child on their level and adapt to their needs.

We agree with the recommendation of the American Dental Association that children should first be seen when baby teeth start to emerge, but no later than their first birthday. This may seem early, but the fact is that it’s never too soon to start paying attention to your child’s dental health!

The First Visit

The first visit can often be as challenging for the parent as it is for the child!

As parents, we naturally want to shield your child from unpleasant experiences. But after the first few visits, you will see that our goal is to get your child used to the dental experience slowly. We approach kids patiently and will never attempt treatment on a child who is not ready. 

young girl smiling in dental chair in northboroughIt’s true that baby teeth will fall out on their own, but before they do, they play an important role. Baby teeth hold a place for adult teeth that are already developing in their gums. They also help your child get used to solid foods and aid their speech development.

The first few visits with your child are low key. You are welcome to stay in the room because we want them to feel safe and secure. We will show your child some of our instruments, count their teeth, and give them a ride in the dental chair. We also take this opportunity to show you how to brush your child’s teeth and answer your questions about nutrition or habits like bottle-feeding and thumb-sucking.

For most kids, their favorite part of the visit is choosing a prize from our treasure chest before they leave our office!

Ongoing Care for Your Child

Oral hygiene and routine preventive visits are every bit as important for your child as they are for you, maybe even more so. Seeing your child regularly when their teeth are healthy helps us build a rapport with them. That way, if a problem develops, they will already feel safe and secure in our care.

Much of what we do for kids when they are little is preventive, including fluoride applications and dental sealants as needed. However, if we find a cavity, we need to take care of it as quickly as possible to protect your child’s oral health. You can be confident knowing that we are very gentle and will approach your child's treatment with their needs in mind.

Please Call to Schedule a Visit in Northborough

Whether you have a toddler who’s ready for their first visit or an older child who has dental problems, we are here to provide them with compassionate, age-appropriate care. Please call Northborough Family Dental, and we will be happy to arrange a time for you and your child to stop by and meet us!