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What You Should Know about Emergency Dentistry in Northborough, MA

May 6, 2021
Posted By: Northborough Family Dental Staff
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A dental emergency—a toothache, for example—will not get better on its own, and taking over-the-counter pain relievers will only mask symptoms. Meanwhile, you may be putting your tooth and adjacent teeth at risk. So it’s crucial to see a dentist as soon as possible.

When Should You See an Emergency Dentist?

There are all sorts of dental emergencies, but toothaches caused by decay and infection are the most common. If you have a toothache, jaw pain, and swelling, you should contact your emergency dentist near Shrewsbury as soon as possible.

A toothache may mean a deep root infection requiring root canal treatment. This therapy relieves pain, restores your tooth to health, and prevents the spread of infection.

Other dental emergencies that require treatment include:

  • Broken or knocked-out tooth
  • Broken or damaged prosthetic or restoration
  • Tissue or injury to the mouth

However, if you’ve suffered a trauma, we want you to go to the emergency room and contact us only after you’ve been stabilized. Your well-being and safety are always the top priority.

And if ever you’re not sure, we encourage you to contact a dental team member. A member of our team can talk to you about your symptoms and make a sound recommendation.

What Will an Emergency Dentist Do?

Our dentist’s priority will be relieving your pain and restoring your oral health. This can mean stabilizing your emergency—taking away the pain—and following up with care at another appointment or completing treatment during your emergency dental visit. This is dependent on the nature of your emergency. A root canal treatment, for example, requires a follow-up visit.

We will always explain treatment to you and provide you with all options for care.

For Emergency Dental Care Near Me, Contact Us

When you need us, our team comes together to get you in front of our emergency dentist as soon as possible.

We serve all locales, including Northborough, Westborough, and Shrewsbury.

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