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What to expect during a tooth extraction?

Tooth extraction can come off as a bit of a daunting procedure, but fortunately, our Northborough dentists have plenty of experience. They are determined to help put you at ease both before, during, and after extraction. Performing an extraction can be necessary for various reasons that determine whether a simple or a surgical extraction is required.

woman smiling in dental chair in northboroughA simple extraction generally removes an already visible tooth; a surgical extraction removes teeth that are partially still lodged in the gums or haven’t erupted yet (like wisdom teeth!). Surgical extractions generally require an incision and other methods to remove a tooth but rest assured, we ensure all procedures are done gently and with your comfort in mind.

What Happens During Tooth Extraction?

Our dentists will apply a topical numbing gel to your gums to ensure a painless procedure. 

Once the numbing agent sets in, we inject a local anesthetic to block any nerves transmitting pain during the extraction. At this stage, the dentist will use a tooth elevator to loosen the tooth, followed by its removal with forceps that gently ease it out of your gums. 

Your Comfort Matters To Us at Northborough

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