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How do clear aligners straighten my teeth?

Clear aligners are the modern alternative to braces.

It's true! In many cases, patients who require braces can consider clear aligners as an alternative.

Here are a few things that dental aligners offer that braces do not.

  • You can straighten your teeth without the metal and wire look of braces.
  • You can clean your mouth and aligner easier because the system is removable. 
  • Aligners can be removed for eating, which means no dietary restrictions.

woman holding clear aligners How do aligners work?

After your comprehensive oral check-up to ensure that you are a good candidate for clear aligners, your Northborough dentist will use 3-D imaging technology to measure the exact dimensions of your teeth.

This allows us to create a custom aligner that is nearly invisible when worn.

You will wear the aligner for around twenty-two hours a day. Each successive set of aligners will push your teeth slowly into place. Throughout the treatment, you will visit the dentist to monitor the progress of your treatment. 

Contact Your Northborough, MA Clear Aligner Dentist

If you are looking at the best options for straightening your teeth, contact your local Northborough dentist to learn more about what options there are to help you reach your goals.

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