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Dental X-Rays: How We Use Them and Why They're Important

July 28, 2022
Posted By: Northborough Family Dental
woman getting digital xray in Northborough

One question we hear a lot at our Northborough dental office is, “Do I really need dental x-rays?” The answer is  - yes. Dental x-rays are integral in helping our dentists diagnose problems or concerns as early as possible. They also create a baseline for your dental health that we can refer to if needed.

Here are some of the x-rays our dentists take and what they use them for.

Digital X-Rays

Our dentists recommend updating your bite-wing x-rays once per year during one of your bi-annual visits for teeth cleanings and checkups. At Northborough Family Dental, we use digital x-rays to capture images of your teeth, allowing our dentists to detect problems like gum disease or tooth decay as early as possible. When you're aware of these problems early on, treating them with the least invasive procedures is much easier.

Digital x-rays provide better resolution for a clearer image, allowing for a more straightforward diagnosis. They also emit 90 percent less radiation than traditional film x-rays, making them very safe for our patients.  

3-D Imaging

Our dentists also rely on 3-D digital images to help diagnose and plan more complex treatment procedures like dental implant placement surgery. 3-D images provide a clear view of your sinuses, jaw joints, nerves, teeth, and bone. Using these images helps our dentists offer more accurate diagnoses and precision, streamlining many dental procedures.

Preventive Dental Care in Northborough

Dental x-rays are an essential aspect of preventive dental care, including routine teeth cleanings and checkups. And the good news is that most dental insurances cover most of the cost of preventive dental appointments, making it easy to maintain your smile and dental health.

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